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Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. like higher one. >> we were saving a lot of money by going to this. while still servicing the students and getting their money to them faster. >> the convenience factor for students is a reason why the schools are using higher one. >> it's the one and only option. >> what's problem? >> one of eight of students in the united states who receives federal aide receives it through higher one. >> consumer advocate john fox is with cal perks. higher one made $88 million last year just on fees incurred on the debit cards. there are more than 100 california schools using higher one, 15 of them in the bay area. the most prevalent charges include 50 cents every time a student swipes with a pin at a merchant. and a minimum $2.50 for using a nonhigher one atm plus whatever fee that atm charges. this is the only atm serving 11,000 students, who say thend up using this, forced to use a nonhigher atm and pay fees. >> they're going to give you no choice but to add to their profit. >> this is federal aide we're talking about, federal taxpayer money. >> students are not required to open up a higher one a
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a stat that says on the third thursday of every month ending with the letter r we have been higher? i would say wait a second. was apple a $6 billion company? the only thing was that you were supposed to eat oysters in that month. the banks used to be a reasonable place to invest. these days book values are kind of meaningless. with the banks you have a cohort that trades off the justice department and the state attorneys general. how is that? show me another time when we had a set of circumstances and i'll show you how that group acted. as for tech, ever since it became its own sector, the personal computer was the backbone of the group. history is worthless as the guide. finally, i'm aware of any studies based on the calendar, today on fast money an unbelievable show i watched mark cuban talk about the malignant impact of high frequency trading and how it has driven the trader out of the market. we could have radical crashes caused by the machines that wreck any previous patterns. in the end, what steams me about the stock market pseudoscience, is the false sense of security it enge
Oct 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
to sink as deep to displace the same amount of water. so you'll float higher. so when you're higher, then you go-- [makes sounds] --like that, what happens? you cave in, you become more dense, and you sink. when you float, some people-- you're trying to teach your friends how to float and they're kind of freaking out. you tell them, "hey, take the deepest breath you can. now hold it." are they gonna float easier? yeah. yeah, they're gonna float easier because what's happening? their volume has increased. and so long as you keep as much air as you can, it's not the air, it's the idea that your lungs are out, you see? and if your lungs are out, you're less voluminous-- i mean, more voluminous, and you float higher. or how about you-- you're just barely can float and you let it all out? okay. i tried something yesterday in a swimming pool with a snorkel. i wanted to see how deep i could go with a snorkel. it turns out i could go about 30 inches, less than a meter, less than a meter deep. because when i get down a meter deep and i'm trying to breathe to that snorkel-- i put up a piece o
FOX Business
Oct 6, 2012 3:00am EDT
. >> somebody said it is the key to the election but now we're back to where we were even higher nobody talks about this. where is the disconnect or used to it? >> maybe. i am not used to it i felt the car and i could not believe it. it should be a bigger issue without question. >> what i give somebody 100 and they need more. [laughter] there was a low-budget station $5.69 and he put aside close sorry. it is not our fault. it is someone's do they shoot themselves in the flight? >> a lot of them get mad at the gas station owner he explains he is getting squeezed the most to run a business, feed the family with the fluctuating price and may not be able to get the gas and you cannot raise the gas high enough in when you get squeezed. they will not build more refineries, a special blend four "the enquirer" mitt, a special blend into the summer. prices there are higher than hawaii. i don't think that has ever happened. all those special blends get more onerous even though the rest of the country has not asked with the constraints we should try to exploit all full tools -- fossil fuels. we have not
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
higher than the official target of 7.5%. in fact, i think the slowdown is mainly due to the lower investment capital formation. however, in the third quarter, the investment infrastructure has already rebounded significantly. i expect in the fourth quarter investment in others, for example, real estate, will also pick up slightly as well. >> okay. you know, if we look back to the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, we saw the chinese government implementing a very huge stimulus package. some experts say that that package actually caused problems like higher property prices. how and when really should the government take measures without causing these kind of problems? >> yes. it is difficult. the chinese government is trying to balance the need for reform and stabilizing the economic growth. i'd expect it will continue to carry out reforms such as liberalizing the interest rates, widening the upper and lower bands of deposit rates respectively. but stabilizing economic growth, it will continue to encourage infrastructure on the fiscal side, and on the monetary side, it would co
Oct 3, 2012 4:00am PDT
,000 also taking home unemployment benefits. the numbers include people who were hired for higher-paying jobs after receiving the government money. in 2011, the senate voted unanimously to end unemployment payments to jobless millionaires. however, it was attached to another bill which is yet to pass in the senate. a bailout for spain is "not imminent." that's according to the country's prime minister, who told reporters yesterday that plans to request a bailout are not set in stone. stocks reacted negitively yesterday on the news. many investors have expected spain to request bailout money in order to push down its high borrowing costs. moodys will release a review of the country's sovereign debt this month. some are predicting spain's rating could be lowered to "junk status." meanwhile, greece is running short on time. government officials held a new round of talks with foreign lenders. officials need to clinch a deal before meeting up with eurozone ministers next week. all greek citizens have been displaying their frustrations with severe cuts in salaries, pensions and benefits
Oct 28, 2012 1:00am PDT
to prepare to get people to higher ground. let's check in with karen mcginnis, more about what hawaii can expect as far as this wave and the size of this wave, karen. >> yes, they are anticipating between one and two meter rise of the water. now, initially that water may move back a little bit. you think, well, we're done with it. not the case. many people in hawaii are very familiar with what happens right before the onset of a tsunami. and that initial wave may not be the biggest. so coming up in less than 28 minutes, we're expecting that first wave to move onshore. just wanted to give you a little primer. well, natalie, back to you for some more information. >> okay, we'll check back in with you. we have someone on the phone we want to talk with, one of our cnn personnel, augie martin happens to be on vacation in hawaii. how's your vacation going tonight? >> well, it's great, apart from the arhythmic blaring of the tsunami sirens you wouldn't think anything is out of the ordinary. on top of our hotel, overlooking a beautiful crescent beach under an almost full moon, the waves didn't lo
Oct 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and then having your stock clobbered. companies go higher. i'm asking. what happens if you have a company that has super duber i love you, you love me expectations and it fails and fails spectacularly? sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell. >> then you get the curious case of dupont. if missing earnings were an art form, this dupont quarter would be a picasso. the guernica of earnings. if it weren't for the lock out i would indeed throw the stanley cup. if it was an olympic contest, i would be giving this a high dive belly flop. dupont has noxious earnings emissions. they announce the hard results giving you a heads up. dupont's miss, it was monumental. when a company is about to miss wall street projections by more than 5%, a company says it out to know ahead of time. that is a wikipedia entry for one you are to preannounce. earnings fall off and disappear. there were so many areas of disappointment, using everything that you see and eat that are white. management should have been able to flag the shortfall weeks ago. things must be amazing away from these areas of sure disappointment. just the
Oct 5, 2012 9:30pm PDT
of the process, influencing who receives a higher allocation i believe that is part of your question -- the last time happened a little bit differently because of the way that different jurisdictions have participated in a sustainable community strategy has characterizedby whether they're willing to have a large priority area. [indiscernible] yes, we believe the growth in our cities viable and transit oriented and plan for it in this pda; therefore we will get a higher allocation in the arena. conversely falsehood did not plan to get-- got a lower arena allocation. [indiscernible] >> more of a question about transportation. mention with the new one bay area grant; i was looking to get more of the money to pdas that took on more of the arena goals? is there a formula that, say you zone for affordable housing but you don't build, do you get any of the funds? >> hey, you play ball, you need resources. the intent is to have the resources follow the volunteerism. who is to say that performance will be followed by housing production.>> the formula for the one-day area block grant, 50 percent based
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >>> stocks open higher, but then something funny happened on the way to the final quarter. >> we are well off of the highs today on wall street as we approach the final stretch. i want to show you apple because part of the reason this market is coming off the highs is a decline in apple. >> what's the problem, traders? you're getting what you want. >> tell me where there's a central bank not printing money and, you know, i'll give you a lollipop. >> and the bernanke was in a particularly jovial mood today. >> i was once a member of the national bureau of economic research and called the 2001 recession. so i know how it happened. it sort of happens over a nice meal in a french restaurant. and there's a discussion of the data and everybody says, what do you think? yeah, okay. >> it's a final countdown. here's "fast money" on the fourth quarter. >>> live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's time square, i'm melissa lee. wall street expects stocks to fall this quarter. the average target for the s&p 500, 1,412. do you agree that the street -- with the street that stocks are headed lower
Oct 11, 2012 3:00pm EDT
's higher by just a little more than 1 1/2 points right now. >> you'll want to stick around for that. you also don't want to miss what's ahead on this thursday edition of the "closing bell." watch. >>> coming up, feeling the pinch. luxury stocks getting a mark down in china. is this a sign of things to come? why what happens in china might not be staying in china. >>> plus, bank on it. some say as financials go, so go the markets. so where are they going? telling signs are straight ahead. >>> and -- >> where's the beef? >> or what's the point? wendy's undergoes a logo change. will it help take a bite out of mcdonald's dominant market share? that's all ahead on the "closing bell." ally bank. why they're always there to talk. i love you, james. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >>> welcome back. a little over 45 minutes left in the trading sessio
Oct 25, 2012 4:30pm PDT
.67 a share, eight cents below estimates. revenues came in higher than expected, almost $36 billion. on top of that earnings disappointment, the company gave a less rosy forecast for the future. suzanne pratt takes a closer look. >> reporter: wall street called this a throwaway quarter for apple. after all, the iphone 5 was only available for one week during the period, and the newly launched ipad mini has yet to hit stores. still, apple sold nearly 27 million iphones during june- through-september quarter, well more than expected. experts say apple's biggest problem was that it couldn't make enough iphones. >> iphone 5 is going to continue to be an absolutely huge product. one thing iphone 5 has that the tablets don't is subsidies. because iphone is sold be carriers, you can get that up-front price down to $199. >> reporter: as for ipad sales, they were a bit sluggish in the quarter. that's because there was a bit of a pause in demand ahead of the tier tablet's relea. consumers bought 14 million ipads in the quarter, somewhat less than anticipated. despite the company's solid quarter, ther
Oct 31, 2012 1:00pm PDT
electric elevators were installed. that allowed for buildings to go up even higher, even more than 10 floors, and those were the first elevators that became representative of what we consider modern elevators today. >> so the height of buildings is related to elevator technology. >> both of these technologies encourage architects to build taller buildings. engineering and materials science provided a higher quality of steel to build with, and having passenger elevators meant it was the necessary anymore to climb a long flight of stairs to get to the top of the building. the elevator made the upper floors of the building more attractive than they were before. >> here we were at the historic st. francis hotel, which was actually a representation of the evolution of elevators. can you tell us more about san francisco history here at the st. francis? >> sure. st. francis demonstrates well the evolution of elevated technology. and substantially damaged the 1906 earthquake and rebuilt in 1907 or 1908, and extend it again in 1913. then a new tower was added in 1932, so there is all sorts of
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
coverage has baltimore fans gather to clear on the o's. >> and higher, higher and higher. that's what we're seeing with prices at the pumps. wait until you see what some people are paying. >> fans of the pumpkin latte are steaming that they have been running out. the company says there's no crisis here. >> a gorgeous night on this friday but big changes throughout. we've got those details and maryland's most accurate forecast straight ahead. >>> a fungal meningitis leaves five dead, including one marylander, but the count could grow higher. a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts supplied steroid shots to 75 clinics in more than 20 states. as many as 1,000 people have been affected. in addition to the five deaths, 30 people have become sick. anyone who got a steroid shot since july should check with their doctor. >>> two people are in police custody for a series of burglaries we first told you about last week. joseph baumgarten and dianna marketti are charged. police say
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and the liberals already have. to pay for government-run healthcare, you'll pay higher taxes and more for your m medicine. and their plan includes a trillion dollars in higher taxes. even on the middle class. mitt romney and common sense conservatives will cut taxes on the middle class. and they'll close loopholes for millionaires. obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. [ romney] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. [inaudible] >> breaking news is coming in seven residents were rescued by firefighters. people may soon be searching for e to wait -- to live. tom roussey has the first report of there. now live. >> workers are still out here up the scene tonight. a fire department has not the official cause of the fire. you where it started. started on a second-floor apartment. have since put plywood on e window there. was from the third floor tore a number of folks had be rescued. one man fell. in this video shot by a thehbor, you could see the threeoting out of story apartment building. people on the scene
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm EDT
4 1/2-year higher. some of the economic data coming in higher than expected. here's what we're following on the halftime show today. face lift. facebook is reachinging a billion users. >> romney rally on the heels of the first presidential debate. did the governor improve his chances for november and if so, how you should be trading it. >>> first, the other big debate, whether the stock market which is having its best day in a few weeks is about to take its next leg higher. jb, you first, are we on the precipice of a leg up in the market? >> i think we've been in a leg up in the market. it looks like we kind of took a break in mid-september, but certainly the markets have felt more buoyant, especially this morning. it's really tough not to like the setup in stocks. that's the talk with talking about the market so generally. there's some great setups even if you think the market's gotten ahead of itself, i think that's what's gotten people coming back. tech obviously and financials now and health care which really looks fantastic. >> mike murphy, are we going higher from here
Oct 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the potential in mobile saying it's like back in 2001 with the surge, saying they could drive higher montization as they did on the desktop. the run rate is now $8 billion, up from $2.5 billion a year ago. now, we are just recently now in the q & a period. there was some conversation about the currency exchange rates. >> thanks. let us know if that q & a yields anything interesting. we'd love to hear about it. let's kick this around on the desk. >> one of the other things larry page said, he deemed it a strong quarter. i talked to a top analyst on the street who told me what happened in the stock today was an over reaction. timmy? who's right. >> their core business is not bad. it was up 18%. on the google sites, if you think of where they've come in mobile and how far it's come, it's not a bad place. people are looking at the core business and saying, the profitability of the core business is where it's at. there are a lot of problems people have with google that are more related to the vision of the company to things that were sloppy like today. this season the the first time, whether it's hav
Oct 31, 2012 4:00am EDT
brought up, is what'swhat's driving the prices lower today. the market is tracking a little bit higher. >> let's just break into this market open to talk a little bit for the outlook for the u.s. open. wall street should be up and running today after one of the most devastating storms in the history of the u.s. at least 44 people now reported dead. millions still without power in new york and new jersey. ron allen has the latest. >> reporter: the garden state woke up to a devastated landscape, entire communities swamped, houses ripped from their foundations. the beach erosion caused by the rerentless surf, it rearranged the jersey shore. the famed boardwalks torn apart. this is the amusement park at seaside heights before and after the storm. governor chris christie, who toured his battered state by air, described what happened as unthinkable. >> the devastation that's happened to new jersey is beyond what's happened to anyone else, at least in the reports i've seen so far. it comes as no shock since the storm made landfall here. >> it hit just south of atlantic city, the gambling and
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 3:00pm EDT
a four-day losing streak if we moved higher. will the markets be victorious on that one? don't move. we've got the last hour of trading covered for you. and actually this morning things look pretty bullish. dow jones industrials at one point up 80 points because first time jobless claims came out as they always do on thursdays, and they looked better than expected. claims dropped. this is the number you want to see come down, people standing in line for first time jobless benefits dropped to four-year low. but then a closer look revealed that one large state, possibly california, left out a whole bunch of claims. the numbers did not come in at the timely point. and so they are likely to be revised higher. so people decided maybe this number isn't as good as it looks at least right now. i will tell you what does look good, the initial public offering market. ipos finally seeing some clarity at least for today. we've got four names debuting, and all four names soaring during their debut. we have intercept pharmaceuticals, realogy, kythera and then shuttershock. all up. then we get to home
FOX Business
Oct 24, 2012 4:00pm EDT
continue to move up higher and higher every day, but when you compare it relative to everything else it is profoundly cheap right now and everybody needs to be invested just a little bit, and little underweight but be invested in the stock market. ashley: we knew it would perhaps be a tough go of it. are you surprised some of these revenue misses or is it in line with what you expected? >> it is really what i expected. i talked about it last week the top-down number $116, the other number was 106, $10 of expectations already baked into the market. so it doesn't surprise me a bit. what i am surprised by is how we have focused, micro-issues so quickly on friday. ashley: thank you so much. liz: joining us, david wright. and terra financial group market strategist. you get to write off the bat explain where yo raised in withe market. everybody that i leave completely scared or say now is the time. we had a shaky october, one of the first down october 72008. >> we are heavenly positioned in bonds. the major trend in the market cycle. the market trend in our opinion has turned down for the
Oct 9, 2012 2:00pm EDT
everyone follows. >> expectations are quite low. >> any beat may move the market higher. >> matt chess love. sue? >> that does it for us on "power lunch." thanks, simon for joining me. "street signs" begins right now. have a great afternoon, everybody. >>> despite today's drop, the dow within shouting distance of all-time highs, we have hopium in housing and jobs are coming back. but wait. er in rioting in athens, china is in a slow down and the fiscal cliff is on the way, folks, "thelma & louise" style. we will tie that all together for what it means for your money. welcome and happy anniversary, america, because five years ago today, the s & p 500 peaked at 1565. our big run the last few years, we are only about 120 points, 8% away from the highs. one thing about us americans, mandy, we don't like to finish in second place. so, how do we bust through that last mile and climb to new all-time highs? or should we be worried that hit willing those unsustainable highs will bring us down again? how do we hit new highs on the s & p 500? >> we have a 1600 target on the s & p the end of
Oct 16, 2012 6:00pm EDT
you make money is that owning stocks is by powering higher. that is only half the story. something like 40% of the gains from owning stocks came from getting that dividend and buying more stock with it. buy buy buy. we want to own stocks that go higher but we need to buy stocks that have high yields. the returns from bonds and sertiser t sertive cats of deposit bring me to the call that i got last thursday. simon, california. he asked a question about lnco. it is a company that came public last friday. i was caught not ready. you might wonder why it exists. the company's sole purpose is to own units in energy. it happens to be a partnership. but what is the own debt of that? like detra? i've been a fan of lin energy for decades. ♪ hallelujah in may of 2009 i said, wow, these guys know how to drill. they own a whole host of oil and gas properties across the united states. they are able to maintain or grow cash flow. they are not squash buckling drillers. they are the opposite of wild caters. but the production is 100% hedge. i look at the high prices. you don't have to worry about
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, let's turn our focus on the market and stocks higher to start the fourth quarter and after a better than expected manufacturing report where does the rally go from here? we're getting your fourth quarter play back from pete and steve here with me and stephanie link and steve grasso and i will start with you. given what happened last week in the market, did you guys come in today a little skeptical about this move in the market and then we got the ism report and that changed your way of thinking? >> i think you always come in skeptical because you wonder how much is window dressing and how much is the market itself creating and when you look at it, i think there are great opportunities going toward the fourth quarter. i am looking at certain areas i want to remine offensive and remain opportunistic and i am looking at certain names i know you like as well and i still think apple is under valued and goes higher. that's one of the names i would point out. if our on the defensive side i am looking at the big pharma names where you are looking at the valuation and the yield as well as th
Oct 1, 2012 3:00pm EDT
this big rally. i have to ask hurd what he makes of this market. for whatever reason, it keeps going higher. >> yeah, whether that has something to do with corporate earnings, we will know soon enough, momm maria. the dow was up 163 points at one time today. at the high of the day, the big gains coming before investors took in fed chairman bernanke's comments this afternoon we've all been talking about. we will have reaction to that address in the q&a session plus the outlook for the last three months of the year in just a moment. first a look at the major averages. a rally on the open this morning, mainly on the report that manufacturing started to grow again for the first time since may. construction spending was not great. that may have taken some of the sheen off this rally today. the dow up. 117 points right now at 13,555. the nasdaq's up 5.25 points. well off its high set in the open this morning. now trading at 3,121. the s&p 500 index up at 1,848. maria? >> good rally leading up to today's comments by federal reserve chairman ben bernanke to the economic club of indiana today. his s
Oct 4, 2012 3:00pm EDT
with the debate tonight. stocks are higher. he's generally viewed friendlier to business in wall street. we're also seeing specific groups move in sync with romney's position. coal stocks, for example, getting a lift after he addressed support for them last night. hospital stocks are down on concerns heck make big changes to elements of obamacare that could help hospitals. we should point out energy is very strong today. that, of course, has been one of the leaders for stocks this year. they are powering the market higher as well today with the dow just off the highs, up 86 points. the nasdaq's up 12 points right now at 3148. the s&p is up 10-plus points right now at 1461. maria. >> all right, bill. the minutes from the federal reserve september policy meeting today out shedding little new light on the fed's future plans, but of course tomorrow's september jobs report will off more clues about the health of the economy. we're going to get some thoughts about what to expect out of the jobs numbers and from this rally. >> everybody is on board. steve, how about some of the hits, runs, and err
Oct 16, 2012 3:00pm EDT
for that in the next hour or so. meantime, stocks are higher. stock up following the news of pandit's departure. a story that still has a lot more questions than answers at this point. we'll keep you up to speed on this still developing story as the day g the highs right now. a very mixed day. you have some bank stocks higher. jpmorgan, for one, inside the dow. bank of america is lower. walmart is lower. intel among technology stocks higher. energy is higher today. so no clear trend for this market, but the dow at 13,536. technology powered higher by apple, which is up more than 2%. they announced they're going to hold a meeting next week to introduce perhaps the mini ipad. nasdaq is up a percent, the stronger of the major averages. the s&p is up 12 points. as we mentioned, a big story right now has to be citigroup chairman michael o'neil and michael corbat hosting a conference call on the shake-up. that's scheduled for 4:30 p.m. eastern time. we'll have that for you coming up here. you spoke, in the meantime, with vikram pandit on the telephone earliedaon from the ceo-ship bu from the board as
Oct 17, 2012 3:00pm EDT
's 50% year up and 50% the better data is reflected by higher equities. >> all right. keith, what about the -- you know, we seem to be feeling optimism here. we have the housing start number better than expected. housing has been a bright spot. the financials have had mixed results here so far. here we sit at 4 1/2 year highs for the markets. you feel this is due to the fed though though, right? >> you've got to love the printing press. they keep printing money, putting money in. we've had such negative sentiment. it's not really hard to beat these expectations. so every time a company comes in with mediocre returns, everybody gets excited. the housing starts were nice. let's remember the banks were sitting on millions of homes they were allowing people to live in for free. this is largely stimulus driven. once we get the law of diminishing returns, eventually it's going to wear off. qe-1, we had about a year. qe-2, about eight months. maybe we can get three, four, six months out of this. even trees don't grow to the sky. investors need to be careful here. invest for need, not greed. >>
Oct 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
to cover short euro positions. i think the euro can go higher as long as broader risk appetite remains intact. for me, the election is a big, big deal. even though it's u.s., not europe f the election is messy, if people get nervous about that oar the fiscal cliff, we'll see the euro fall as money goes back to t bills. >> it's a great point. ri rick, what are you seeing today? >> i'm a little nervous about trying to buy the current selloff in the treasury complex because, of course, itti could t a life of its own. on the other hand, they don't say even though starts and new home sales may be improving, there's still a huge foreclosure buildup that may be sitting on the books in banks. they continue to operate on these assumptions of a range. they believe the euro currency is going to have a hard time getting above 132. they're looking at the dollar/yen in terms of potential. they're also looking at the s&p. when we get within 3 to 5% of the all-time highs, they're looking to fade that move. >> it's interesting. what do you think the next catalyst will be for this market, guys? in terms
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
is getting higher and higher. earlier when i was on tv, i was a good hundred feet back from where i am now, i'm on the main stretch. if you look behind me about three-quarters of a mile, there are some red lights. those red lights are the only working traffic lights now in town because all electricity is out. that's on auxiliary power. just beyond that is the ocean. i can't even get 100 feet back now, the water will be up to my thighs at that point so the water is rising very quickly here and of course, that water rising inland with respect to all the rain that's falling is going to be the major concern from points northeast -- north of here and northwest and of course, west. philadelphia is exactly 60 miles west of where we are, and they are bracing for a lot of water in the next few hours. >> be careful. we will continue to check in with all our correspondents throughout the region. governor christie of new jersey blasting the mayor of atlantic city for encouraging people to shelter in place. we will try to talk to the mayor a little later on throughout this hour. let's get a sense of where
Oct 1, 2012 2:00pm EDT
-led rally that just keeps on giving all year. stocks, gold, home prices, all moving higher. but is a new bubble forming? some say yes and you will not believe in what. >>> so what are you doing with your money ahead of the election? you buying? you selling? are you hiding under the mattress? we want to hear from you. tweet us your strategy. >>> and facebook talking up its cell phone strategy. hear more in our exclusive interview with cheryl sandberg. >>> coming up, the stocks have come off their highs of the session but the dow may still be on the verge of breaking a recent trend. it could finish higher for only the second time in 17 mondays. the s&p 500 also on track to break a recent trend. it is higher today after being down for 8 of the past 10 sessions. >>> as for the nasdaq, it has dipped into negative territory several times today. it is back in the black and trying to avoid its fifth drop in six sessions. let's get straight down to bob and rick. it is a new quarter, a new week. i believe since 1980 the fourth quarter has generally been the best quarter of the year for the s&p. co
Oct 10, 2012 2:00pm EDT
districts say manufacturing improved with energy being robust. loan demand said to be higher in most districts. credit standards unchanged. but several districts reported improving loan quality with falling delinquencies. that's something we want to be watching. small business loans are something else we need to be watching remain hard to get in some districts. not a great beige book overall but interesting pockets of strength and some compelling pockets of weakness. >> we started to also see the markets come off their lows. interesting what you were saying about the lack of skilled workers. we've had so many business leaders and ceos here on street signs and many other cnbc shows complaining about the lack of skilled workers. and finally -- how long did it take before these districts are starting these job training programs? >> i'll tell you what's interesting. it maybe suggests that something on the ground has changed a little bit. you wouldn't train workers if you weren't certain about the demand for those workers. we're a little bit or a touch more confident in the futures. maybe
Oct 7, 2012 8:00am PDT
been fda approved and one of the problems is that it also seems to have a higher false positive rate. >> and when might we see it in san francisco? >> it's hard to say. and i think one of the years where 3d is useful is for younger women who have dense breasts and so the studies that have looked at that are suggesting that 3d mammograms, which, again, look at the breast from different dimensions and have a machine that goes over the women's breast and to give a better picture of the breast is useful, particularly in women who are younger with dense breasts. >> huh. >> and and i think there needs to be more research looking at this before it's adopted widespread and as a basic screening tool. >> okay. we're going to take a break and come back and have more including the standard of treatment right now and what you should be doing. can you prevent breast cancer and what you should be doing at what age. when we return. . >> welcome back. we're talking with mindy goldson and in addition to her practice, she has the fund which provides women with breast cancer. she would like us to say no
Oct 16, 2012 2:30pm PDT
fueled the mood. goldman sachs profit rose much higher than expected thanks t the strong investment banking. shares of banks could profit from these results, driven also by speculation that spain may get help very soon. >> let's get a closer look at those gains on the global market. we stick in frankfurt where germany's benchmark tax is higher on the day. it was nearly 2% higher. as for the euro stoxx 50, nearly 3% higher. the dow jones is nearly 0.75% higher. >> several non-governmental organizations in berlin have called for more financial transparency for german politicians. they want to make it a prerequisite for parliamentarians to show whether cash comes from. >> the german parliament has rules for this, but exact details are not clear. the debate was spurred by the designated candidate for chancellor of the sbd party. many people feel the public should have information on his precise earnings. >> steinbrueck's talents have not just how to - political career. he has also made good money on the lecture circuit. after fierce scrutiny, he agreed to make his finances public. trans
Oct 18, 2012 4:00am PDT
is partly to blame for holding down the market yesterday. the dow perhaps could have been higher in light of a strong 15% jump in construction and spanish bonds avoiding junk status. reports say the ipad mini will be released november 2nd. and drought, frost and hail are causing one of the worst years for europe's wine grape harvest in half a century. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us this morning for a look at the market. larry, what is driving this market? > > right now it seems like it's not earnings, because we saw yesterday, ibm's earnings, they didn't do very well - down 5.5% in the stock, but yet the stock market still rallied. i think it's a broader focus. the european tail risk has gone away. u.s. and china numbers aren't great, but they're stabilizing. so i think people are getting their heads around the fact that things have perhaps bottomed out in the market. > > as you mentioned, ibm was a heavy weight on this market yesterday. could that continue on into today? > > it definitely could, and we'll see earnings coming out later. but right now i think the expectations ar
Oct 13, 2012 10:30pm PDT
questions the board may have. >> mr. sanchez, if the rear of this property was higher than the street curb, he would be able to go 35 feet from a midpoint, right, across the lot? that would establish an envelope that is parallel to the slope if it's higher in the rear. >> i think there are a couple important points. if the rear property line is 20 feet or more higher than the front, then the 35 foot height limit doesn't aplay and you are back to the 40 foot height limit. also in the planning code, the definition of height and how to measure height on up sliping lots it actually follows grade. so if this wasn't a flat lot, if it was an upsloping lot, yes, they could arguably have more flexibility in having a taller building. it would be easier it accomplish a 4 story building. the base and the level may be slightly below grade at the rear but if it's an upsloping lot either 20 feet or more, it follows grade so it would be a little bit easier to build a taller building. >> mr. sanchez, your discussion both in your papers and today suggests that this 35 foot limit is an absolute limit. t
Oct 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
other americans. gas prices in california are 45 cents higher than the national average while prices in new york, new hampshire and connecticut are about 40 sense higher than a year ago. analysts blame the higher costs on reduced production at several refineries. the cost of oil saw its steepest decline since may. prices fell below $90 a barrel. the price drop can be attributed to the slowing economy in china. overseas markets edged up ahead. tokyo's nikkei gained 1% snapping a four session losing streak while hong kong's hang seng anticipated ad fraction. today the labor department releases the weekly unemployment numbers. on friday we'll get the september jobs report. stocks on wall street inched higher. the dow added 12 points while the nasdaq gained 15. one market loser was hewlett packard. shares of hp fell 13% after ceo meg whitman said she expects the company to continue to struggle over the next few years. hershey is getting socially conscious. they are pledging to use only certified coco in all its chocolate products by the year 20. hershey was criticized by activity jafts s
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
into the futures they are ten points higher than where the spot is right now. so if what dennis says and his observations as well as michelle and michelle if we see a regime change you will see that vix, those futures come down dramatically because that steepness of that curve is there because of the potential that it goes the opposite way, the potential that we have some sort of nuclear issue or israel drags the united states -- >> this is not a regime that walks away easily. this is not like flipping the keys to an apartment that you are done renting. these businesses in power. ahmadinejad is a puppet for much bigger powers behind the scene. my concern would be this is not going to be an orderly transition because land and rice prices are higher. i take the other side of that. my go-to trade would be like a conoco phillips. here is an oil producer that has more than 70% of its assets in the north america region. if there is a gas spice this is not a company that is reliant on the strait and they have their assets in a much safer place and i think they get a premium as a result of that. >>
Oct 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
. european stocks sort of trending a little bit higher. but there are a number of stocks we want to watch. >> a few names here that could be more action, particularly as people start to gauge what the fallout from sandy is going to be now. generic holdings, we found some frankfurt listings. you can see, though, lows among the companies that's potentially going to do better. those shares up a quarter of a percent in frankfurt trade. we will be outside with mary thompson a little bit later in the program. >> just want to point out those are all frankfurt quotes. at 5:50 eastern, we'll be looking at -- likely to recover for a few days. one of the main reasons for opening today was to get the options out of the way. >> last day of the month, a crucial one. so is the first day of the month, tomorrow. we'll also be joined by john silvia, chief economist at wells fargo to talk through the economic impact of this storm. john, you say this could take as much as $30 billion out of the u.s. economy. any update to that figure? >> earlier comments, a lot of contingency plans, a lot of uncertainty here
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Oct 19, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. we have the sandisk ceo today and that stock is really considerably higher. let me get to the chicago mercantile exchange, gary, to see a lot of commodities today because the dollar strengthened against the euro and the yen, but to see gold drop as much as it's dropping is kind of interesting, is it not? >> yeah, it certainly is, and what's probably causing a lot of that is we're looking over to europe. we're trying to see is spain going to take the bait? are they going to take some of the money? also again, we still have greece in the background, hands up, and nobody is really talking about italy right now. again, there's just that uncertainty. the dollar. the euro is holding above that 130 range. so we're seeing the metals pulling down for right now and silver is doing the same. silver is down 80 cents rite now. -- right now. everybody is sitting on the side lines they are waiting to see is spain going to take it. also what's going to happen here in the u.s. in the next few weeks. there's that flight to safety, but nobody is flying there yet. liz: yeah, it's true. i will tell you th
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